Energy Certificates

What is EPC?

Energy Performance Certificates or EPC’s provides homeowners with a rating that advises how energy efficient their home is and what impact they have on the environment. The higher the rating the more energy efficient their home is and the lower their fuel bills will be. The reason this has been highlighted to you is that it could have an impact on the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) that people receive for generating their own electricity.

Who needs an EPC?

All homes bought, sold or rented require an EPC. Also, any home looking to have a Solar PV system installed will need to possess a Grade D certificate or higher in order to receive the 21p/kWh rate for your solar panels. If the property doesn’t obtain an EPC or is not a Grade D, then it will receive just 9p/kWh.

How do you obtain an EPC?

The most important thing is to get your EPC from an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA). This can be done by visiting which is run on behalf of the government and clicking on ‘find a domestic energy assessor’ and enter your postcode.

How do you achieve a grade D or higher?

The main ways of achieving a Grade D or above is through loft insulation, draft excluders and double glazed windows. If you go to our ‘FAQS’ tab and then click on ‘Greener Tips’ you will find a definitive list that will hopefully assist you. It is always worth remembering that an energy efficient home is also a more cost effective home.

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