Solar Thermal

Benefit from massive savings to your existing heating bills using clean, sustainable heating sources.

It is still a popular myth and misconception in the UK that solar energy will not work simply because we don’t have enough sunlight and that solar water heating is only suitable for hot countries.

However that is not the case at all as the solar panel element of the solar water heating system installed by The Solar Company UK works on a principle of ‘light absorption’ which does not require especially high temperatures or long periods of sunshine to be effective. Infact, the system will work perfectly during long spells of cloudy weather or even if the temperature dips to lows of -28°C.

The direct or indirect solar radiation is captured by the vacuum tubes on the solar panels (called collectors) with the resulting heat transferred to your solar cylinder ready for use.

The Heating Management System

An intelligent control system ensures that a constant supply of hot water is readily available. The management system will continually check the heat levels at the hottest and coldest points within the system, and where a differential occurs it will activate the pump to heat the water within the cylinder. Once a predetermined temperature has been reached the system automatically switches off.

The heating management systems are all individually configured for each property and their occupants as individual usage will determine the parameters. Another important contributory factor would be the type of boiler running the existing hot water system.

We can configure for:

  • Solid fuel heating devices (AGA or similar)
  • Pumped circuits
  • Condensing boilers
  • Conventional boilers
  • Pressurized cylinders
The Statistics

As we all become more aware of the benefits of saving energy in our everyday lives -and this is exacerbated by spiraling fuel bills it makes sense to look at alternative methods of heat generation.

Solar water heating systems can typically generate in the region of 70% of household hot water usage. Take the average home as typically drawing energy in the region of 3000KWh for domestic heating. Then consider that every square meter of surface area (i.e., roof space) gives the capacity to develop over 1000KWh of energy . . . and this is FREE energy.

It’s only once you have installed your solar panels and all the energy subsequently generated by your solar water heating system won’t cost you a penny; that you will really begin to experience the benefits of this amazing technology!

Summary of Benefits
  • Provides around 70% of your annual hot water requirements.
  • Relies on sustainable energy usage in preference to polluting and expensive carbon-based fuels.
  • Has the potential to minimize carbon emissions by up to 2000 cubic meters per annum.
  • Once installed a solar heating system will provide you with an endless supply of FREE hot water for your home.

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