Buckhurst Hill

Buckhurst Hill Essex

This large domestic solar PV system was installed in a residential property in Buckhurst Hill, Essex. It has been designed to fit a south east facing roof area and is rated at 2.64 kWp.

Comprised of 11 x Schuco 240W modules, the PV system is providing Mark (the client) with extra income from the Government’s “Feed-in Tariff”, guaranteed tax-free for the next 25 years. The “Feed-in Tariff” was created by the Government to incentivise homeowners into investing in solar energy. Mark will also save money on his electricity bills by using the renewable energy technology that solar panels provide. The Tariff guarantees a premium payment for all the electricity that Mark generates, whether he uses it himself or exports it to the National Grid.

Mark monitored the cost of solar panels for the last few years before deciding on an installation for his own home. He made the decision to purchase the installation based on the fact that the costs had halved since he began looking, and the installation offered by Trusted Solar Company was such a good deal.

Solution Finding from Trusted Solar Company

The installation team from Trusted Solar Company fitted the solar panels around 3 Velux windows, making great use of the available roof space. Mark’s house does not have loft space, therefore the team placed the inverter under the stairs and found a cable route which was still aesthetically pleasing. They managed this by following the cable round the house’s fascia and then along the back of the conservatory before threading it through the wall leading under the stairs.

After creating the scaffolding, the installation team took just one day to install Mark’s solar panels.

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