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Q: Are you MCS accredited?

A: Yes, our installers are Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited. This means we are committed to meeting rigorous and tested standards regarding the installation of solar panels and that your installation will be eligible for the government’s incentive schemes.

Q: Are you a member of REAL?

A: Yes, we're a member of the Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL) scheme. This means we abide by the high standards set out in the Renewable Energy Association Consumer Code.

Q: Will I need to maintain my solar panels?

A: No regular maintenance is required and under normal conditions the panels are self cleaning. We would recommend an inspection every 2-3 years.

Q: Is my roof suitable?

A: We’ll confirm when we conduct your free survey. Generally, if you've got a sloping roof which is south, southeast, southwest, east or west facing, it will be suitable. A south facing roof offers the highest output. If your roof is north, northwest or northeast facing, solar may not be financially viable, but we’ll let you know. We won’t let you make an investment that’s not worthwhile. You could still benefit from solar if you have a flat roof, providing there is some way of fixing the panels to the roof or somewhere suitable to situate free standing frames.

Q: Will my solar system work during the winter or when it's cloudy?

A: Our systems are designed to work all year round and in all types of weather conditions. They are dependent on solar radiation levels rather than direct sunlight hitting the panels, so it doesn't need to be a sunny day for the systems to work.

Q: Is planning permission required?

A: As a general rule, planning permission isn't required for residential properties with sloping roofs as long as the solar panels do not project more than 200mm above the surface of the roof covering or above the ridge of the roof. But if you live in a listed building or a conservation area, or have a flat roof, you'll need to check with your local planning authority.

Q: What's the lifespan of solar panels?

A: Our solar panels are very robust, and you can expect our systems to last well in excess of 30 years.

Q: Do you provide a guarantee?

A: We provide a 10 year guarantee for your installation, which is accompanied by a 25 year warranty for your solar panels.

How much do solar systems cost?

A: Our solar heating and solar PV systems are bespoke. Each one is individually designed to meet your unique requirements, and the cost is dependent on several different factors. Once we’ve conducted your free survey, we’ll put together a comprehensive quotation for you, in writing, to clearly illustrate the costs, your savings and earnings if applicable and the return you will receive on your investment.

Is the government proposing to reduce FITs for solar PV?

A: The UK government has been reviewing the Feed-In Tariff scheme and has found that, since the scheme started, the global costs of PV panels have fallen significantly. This has prompted a decision to reduce the tariff from 43.3p per kWh, then 21p per kWh of solar electricity to 16p. This came into effect from 1st August 2012. As part of the new tariff structure tri-monthly reductions of 3.5% will take place. The cost saving estimations contained on this website take this change into account.

Has the FIT lifetime been affected by the August 2012 changes?

A: The FIT lifetime has also been lowered from 25 years to 20 years, which the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) believes was necessary in order to bring solar back in line with other renewable technologies.

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