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This solar photovoltaic (PV) system was installed in Chingford, East London, for the home of retired couple Mr and Mrs Rivers. The ten Jinko 240w panels were installed on a south facing roof, producing a 2.4kw system for the couple.

By investing in solar energy, the couple will be rewarded by the Government’s “Feed-in Tariff” for making their own electricity and feeding whatever energy they don’t use back into the National Grid to be used by others. The Tariff ensures payment for any energy created, and the rate paid is inflation linked and guaranteed for 25 years. The couple were keen to take advantage of this great investment by purchasing the installation from Trusted Solar Company.

A Tidy Job … Completed in Just One Day

During the installation, the team fitted an Eversol 2000 inverter in the couple’s loft, with the meter fitted next to the fuse board under the stairs. All of the cables needed for the installation were hidden in cupboards and under floorboards, and there were no messy trailing wires left after the team had finished.

The system was able to be installed discreetly and with minimum fuss, giving Mr and Mrs Rivers a brand new way of creating energy for their home with no stress or hassle. After erecting the scaffolding with which to perform the installation, the team took just one day to install the solar panels from start to finish.

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This solar PV system was installed in Chingford, East London

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